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Sherpa Merino Baselayer Long Sleeve Top - Kids

Sherpa Merino Baselayer Long Sleeve Top - Kids

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Sherpa Unisex Merino Wool Long Sleeve Top

Roaming the Australian Outback, our sheep worked hard to bring you the best they had to offer, so say good-baaaaah-ye to itchy, bulky, ill-fitting tops! Because there‰۪s no question about it: We all like to feel soft, smooth and sleek in a perfectly made shirt, andåÊnobodyåÊlikes stinky pits and itchy skin. That‰۪s why our 100% natural Australian Merino wool long sleeve crew neck top is such a popular item, and the perfect shirt for all us adventurous ladies.

Made from Merino that‰۪s created to withstand nature‰۪s fury, these thermal base layers put synthetics to shame, and are better for the environment to boot. So embrace the glory of an all-natural, sustainable fibre that only gets softer with age.

On the move, or just getting cozy with a book? Our base layers are designed to provide a snug fit without creating any restriction with ultra stretch properties that allow for natural movement, whether you‰۪re running, hiking, strolling, or just taking a snooze. With their interlock knit design, they‰۪ll never lose their form-fitting shape, even when your partner accidentally washes your new favorite top on all the wrong settings.

With their enhanced-movement raglan sleeves and flat locked seams, get the style and comfort you need for all your adventures. With Merino wool‰۪s natural ability to remain dry and odour-free, it won‰۪t let you down in cold, wet weather, and and will help as breathable sun protection in the brutal Australian heat.

100% Australian Merino Wool Fabric

With a passion for comfort and an eye for quality, Sherpa is proud to have found the very best Merino, and right in our own backyard! From the remote farmlands of Australia comes our 100% Australian Merino wool, a natural wonder and pioneer of the clothing industry. Offering our most innovative comfort technology, this Merino long sleeve top is soft, odour-free, thermo-regulating and quick-dry, all thanks to the fine fibres of our Merino sheep and our hard working Australian farmers.

The benefits for buying natural Merino wool are endless. Made with much finer fibres (18.5 micron) than that of other wool varieties, Merino provides a soft, non-itch finish impossible to beat and packed with technical advantages. As a tight fitting garment, moisture management and breathability is fundamental, which is why Merino wins every time.

Every wonder why sheep always look so calm and collected and downright huggable, regardless of the weather? In the cold, Merino keeps warm thanks to its finely crimped structure, which retains insulating air. In the heat, the wool has a cooling effect due to its high breathability. The surface of the fibre is dirt and water repellent, protecting skin from moisture and debris, and is stink-free, even during the most sweaty of days! The inside of the fibre can absorb water without feeling wet, providing excellent moisture control and quick dry properties, while retaining its thermo-regulating properties, unlike cotton. It‰۪s also extremely easy to care for, naturally stain resistant, and provides great UV protection under the Australian sun. No time to wash it between uses? Sling it over a camp chair and watch nature‰۪s ultimate ‰ÛÏdry cleaning‰۝ in action!

So go ahead ladies, buy all your favorite colors today!


  • 100% natural Australian Merino wool
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Ultra soft
  • Superfine 18.5 micron fibres mean non-itchy
  • Mid-weight (240 GSM) warmth
  • Odour free and excellent moisture management
  • Perfect for all climates
  • Natural UV protection

How To Care For Your Merino Wool Top

  • Warm or cool machine wash preferably on wool cycle. Normal spin. Line dry.
  • Warm iron.
  • Do not bleach or tumble dry. Full details on the care label.
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