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Salomon X Pro 90 Snow Ski Boots

Salomon X Pro 90 Snow Ski Boots

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Year after year, theåÊSalomonåÊX Pro 90 W Ski Boots are the best selling women's boot at evo, and there's a few reasons. They fit great out of the box, and the fit only gets better after the Custom Shell heat molding process is completed. They have an average fit that agrees with most feet, but exceptional heel hold even for those with relatively narrow dimensions in the ankle and heel. The clean and low profile design is pleasing to the eye. Whether you've been in an X Pro for years or are coming from some totally different boot, the X Pro 90 W is a winner.


  • FIT
    • Last: 100 mmåʉÛÒåÊåÊAn average last for most normal width and volume feet or slightly wider.
    • 360è_ Custom ShellåʉÛÒåÊåÊSalomon's proven heat customization process lets you dial in the fit perfectly.
  • FLEX
    • Flex: 90åʉÛÒåÊåÊA medium stiff flex designed for intermediate to advanced women skiers.
    • My CustomFit 3D Performance LineråʉÛÒåÊåÊSuperior heel hold and new anti-packing foam.
    • Women's LineråʉÛÒåÊåÊSpecific volume and shape, with added warm comfy fur inside.
    • TwinFrame TechnologyåʉÛÒåÊåÊSalomon dials in just the right amount of rigidity where it's needed for performance and leaves the shell softer in other areas to enhance comfort and ease of entry.
    • ShellåʉÛÒåÊåÊPolyurethane
    • CuffåʉÛÒåÊåÊPolyurethane
    • 24mm Oversized PivotåʉÛÒåÊåÊReduced play for extreme precision and direct power transmission. Because many modern all mountain skis are wider, they require more torque to stay on edge. Oversized Pivot answers the need of wider skis.
    • 4mm Integrated Lifter
  • BUCKLES:åÊ4 Micro-Adjusting Aluminum 3D Buckles
  • POWER STRAP:åÊ35mm Velcro Power Strap
  • SOLE:åÊHeel & Toe Removable Sole PadsåʉÛÒåÊåÊHeel and toe pads can be replaced when worn out.
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