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Salomon N C5 J85 Snowskis Bindings - Kids

Salomon N C5 J85 Snowskis Bindings - Kids

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TheåÊSalomon N C5 J85 ski bindingsåÊhave been designed for the use in both children and adults skiers and guaranteeåÊlightness, easy adjustment, cleanliness, and elasticityåÊso you can feel safe.

TheseåÊalpine ski bindingsåÊwereåÊcertified by the TÌÏVåÊso that you feel more confident to carry a product with quality. TheåÊtoe and the heelåÊare very light, easily adapt to junior and senior standard boots and also they include a snow scraper with which it is very easy to take off the excess of snow in the toe.

TheåÊwings adjust automaticallyåÊso they will have more security at the time of a fall. TheseåÊframe bindingsåÊfeature aåÊDIN of 0,5-4,5åÊand a width of brakes up to 85 mm, especially though in children to enjoy theåÊadventure outdoor.


  • Super light binding.
  • Automatic binding for kids with growing feet.
  • Ideal for kids with growing feet, the C5 accommodates both junior and adult boot-sole norms, and provides great performance with convenience.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight materials help reduce skier fatigue.
  • Junior Senior norm:Toe piece automatically adjusts to both junior and senior boot sole norms.
  • Convenient:Heel piece is designed to enable easy step-in while ensuring proper retention.
  • NewCarry Over
  • CO Technologies
  • Automatic Wing adjustment
  • Snow Scraper Toe
  • C Heel
  • C Pedal
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