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Inner Realm

Inner Realm Lugje Vest - Black

Inner Realm Lugje Vest - Black

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Inner Realm Lugje Vest - Black

The name Lugje vest was born from its feel of complete luxury. Made from 100% stretchy Limestone rubber, this zipper-less vest is the staple of comfort and minimalist style. No annoying zips, colours and stripes, or uncomfortable materials. This vest is made for ultimate comfort and minimalist style. Made only in black, these practical and stylish vests are a staple for the trunk of any surf wagon.

Limestone rubber has superior heat retention and water repulsion compared to traditional neoprene. this means your wetsuits stays lighter, more flexible and warmer in the water. not to mention it isn't manufactured with the same nasty petrochemicals as traditional neoprene.


  • 2mm super stretchy Limestone rubber
  • Anti-slip wrists and neck to prevent water entering
  • rubber O-ring on waist with adjustable elastic pull chord and buckle to keep it snug around your hips and prevent riding up.
  • durable flatlock stitching
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