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2025 Yes Standard UnInc DC Snowboard

2025 Yes Standard UnInc DC Snowboard

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2025 Yes Standard UnInc DC Snowboard

The Standard UnInc. Dustin Craven Snowboard: Setting a Higher Standard Designed specifically for Dustin Craven, this exceptional snowboard offers enhanced support and precision beyond the traditional standard. YES's innovative Directional Volume Twin shape provides a wide platform underfoot, ensuring optimal stability where you need it most. Additionally, YES's Slamback inserts are incorporated to tackle unexpected pow days with ease.

Prepare to have your expectations shattered by the MidBite outline, delivering unparalleled response and edge hold. Collaborating with Luke Sudermann, Dustin’s childhood friend and a dedicated snowboarder, YES has created an epic graphic that embodies Luke’s passion for snowboarding. Growing up hitting the slopes together, Luke’s artwork beautifully captures the spirit of YES's shared love for snowboarding. YES is stoked to have Luke’s incredible talent and dedication showcased on this board.


  • Outline: MidBite
  • Shape: Directional Volume Twin
  • Profile: Camber
  • Base Material: Sintered True
  • Flex: 7/10
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