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2025 Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard

2025 Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard

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2025  Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard

The 2025 Salomon Dancehaul is an all-mountain party board that turns the fun up to 11. This unisex board boasts versatility far beyond what you'd expect, being designed for both men and women and made to ride any terrain and suit every riding style. Featuring a wide width and a tapered directional shape, the Dancehaul turns ordinary into extraordinary, giving your riding a new found punchy feeling with plenty of agility and float. The Dancehaul serves as a reminder that freestyle doesn't just happen in the park, get out on the mountain and show everyone your moves.


Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Board Type: Freeride

Camber Type: Rock Out Camber

  • Traditional Camber throughout the board with a big flat spot between the bindings for added stability, response, and edge hold without feeling aggressive, plus a rocker outside the feet to maximise pressability.

Flex: Medium

  • A mid-flex that offers all-mountain versatility. Playful when you want it, and stable when you need it.

Shape: Tapered Directional

  • This board has a longer nose and a tapered tail which loosens up turning initiation and improves floatation in deeper snow without sacrificing edge hold on hardpack.
  • Radial Sidecut - The classic radial sidecut, which gives you smooth and reliable turns.

Core: Aspen Select

  • A FSC certified full Aspen wood core with every piece being hand selected for unrivalled quality.
  • BA MD Glass - Medium Density fibreglass that guarantees consistent quality and light, lively performance.
  • Greenpoxy Resin - High performance with low environmental impact, this bio-epoxy resin is made with 28% of its molecular structure derived from plants.
  • Ghost Basalt Stringers - Basalt stringers are used for durable pop, control, a damp ride at speed, and easy manoeuvrability when you're keeping it mellow.
  • Popster - Pop meets performance. Popster shapes the woodcore profile with strategically placed variations of thickness, providing skate-influenced snap and pop.


Base: Sintered

  • High speed and good wax retention, so you can go faster for longer.

Mounting Pattern: 2x4 Inserts

Additional Features:

  • All Mountain Edge Bevel - Pre-tuned edges for strong edge hold with less catch.
  • Fine Stone Finish - This stone finish gives the base extra glide for even more speed.
  • Recycled ABS Sidewalls - These sidewalls are placed in the board to promote energy transfer, dampen vibrations, and soften hard landings.
  • Natural Wax 

Size Chart:

Waist Width (mm)
Stance Set Back (mm)
Nose/Tail Width (mm)
Effective Edge (mm)
Recommended Rider Weight (kg)
139 243 0 277/285 1046 45-65
143 247 0 294/282 1075 50-70
147 255 0 302/290 1100 60-85
152 264 0 312/300 1135 70-90
154 266 0 315/303 1150 75-100
157 269 0 320/308 1170 70-105
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