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2024 HO WMN Omni BWF Slalom Ski

2024 HO WMN Omni BWF Slalom Ski

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2024 HO WMN Omni BWF Slalom Ski

The All-Over Waterski: Mark II Design

SIZES: S (EQUIV. TO 65”) / M (EQUIV. TO 67”) SPEED: 24-32 MPH

Elevate your waterskiing experience with the 2024 HO WMN Omni BWF Slalom Ski, available at Welcome Board Store. Featuring a Mark II design, this all-over waterski is optimized for versatility and performance. Key features like the Clean Edge Tail for reduced drag, Hybrid Width for enhanced turn performance, and the Omni Fin for stability with maneuverability, make this ski perfect for all levels of skiers.

Key Features

  • Clean Edge Tail: 50% less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.
  • Hybrid Width: Higher turn performance
  • Classic Construction: Fiberglass Polyurethane composite: Easy turns, forgiving in rough water.

More Features

  • 4-Stage Rockerline: Dual flat spots for stability and acceleration.
  • High Volume Concave: Improved hold and forgiveness.
  • Larger Bevels: Increased stability and acceleration.
  • Omni Fin: Long & shallow for stability with maneuverability.
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