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2023 Vans Standard Mid Snow MTE Kennedi Deck Apre Boots

2023 Vans Standard Mid Snow MTE Kennedi Deck Apre Boots

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You are Made for the Element. These are your Vans.

Quickly becoming known for her contributions to snowboard culture far beyond her timeless style and decimation of street spots worldwide, Kennedi Deck’s love for snowboarding runs deep, complementing her milestone video parts by becoming a voice for the queer snowboard community, and inspiring many to be their true, unapologetic selves. As a part of Kennedi’s pursuit for inclusivity, she has united her passions and inspired Vans Snow to continue the momentum. Elevating her interpretation of the Standard Snow MTE snow boot to take a genderless approach, this downsized version of Vans’ best-selling Standard Snow MTE snow boot features a waterproof vulcanized lower, waterproof seam-sealed construction, a Standard Snow MTE outsole featuring All-Trac™ all-terrain rubber, and a 100-gram weight insulation package. Made with leather and synthetic uppers in Kennedi’s signature colorway, classic Vans style and day-to-day winter weather footwear have finally converged.


 Kennedi Deck Signature Collection

• Traction - Specially designed for cruising around in cold weather conditions, the Standard Snow MTE outsole with All-Trac™, a cold weather-specific all-terrain rubber compound, offers next-level grip and traction. Featuring an aggressive reverse waffle lug pattern for variable terrain and street performance, and a siped tire-like design that increases overall traction.

• Insulation - Shoveling the walkway, walking the dog, or running to the market—we all want warm feet on a cold day, and the downsized 100-gram weight insulation package gets the job done.

• Moisture Management - A vulcanized rubber lower and waterproof, seam-sealed construction provide an impenetrable leak guard.

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