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2023 Follow B.P Plus Mens Jacket

2023 Follow B.P Plus Mens Jacket

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2023 Follow B.P Plus Mens Jacket

The stylish BP vest now in a happy fit so you can enjoy as many beers as you like and still fit your jacket.

Custom-styled Duraprene vest in a HappyFit cut for those who like a more traditional shape. Well, um, we just told you everything you need to know. This has all the features of the B.P in a HappyFit cut producing a slightly wider ride for the more ‘traditional’ body shape. Engineered for maximum impact protection while the TrueFit© Liner moves along with your body and the vest’s outer layer in perfect harmony for a comfortable, friction free ride. The Duraprene© Neoprene material & acute angle cross stitch vest works with the complete stitch through segment panels for the perfect movement and fit.


  • Duraprene© neoprene is as tough as nails but still soft & stretchy on the inside.
  • Dual Layer Construction.
  • Featherweight Foam; the softest & lightest we can find.
  • Complete stitch through segment panels for no foam movement.
  • Ribbed Panelling.
  • 3D Bevelled Badge Detailing.
  • TrueFit© Liner.
  • M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL
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