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2020 Lange XT 80 Womens Ski Boots

2020 Lange XT 80 Womens Ski Boots

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Lange has hit the nail squarely on the head with their line of "crossover" XT Free boots, delivering exceptional skiing performance with a very serviceable tour mode. The Lange XT Free 80 W Alpine Touring Ski Boots are a tremendous choice for the intermediate skier who spends as much time in the side and backcountry as she does on piste, but doesn't want to compromise downhill performance by using a pure touring boot all the time. The XT Free boots provide the same great snow feel as their alpine counterparts due to the smooth Dual Core construction, but add the Power V Lock 2.0 walk mode for added ease for skin tracks and boot packs.


  • Fit
    • Last: 100 mmåʉÛÒåÊDesigned to fit average width and average volume feet.
  • Flex: 80åʉÛÒåÊA medium-soft flex for intermediate female skiers.
  • Liner:åÊDual 3D Pro Liner with Ultralonå¨ FoamåʉÛÒåÊ100% customizable thermo liner with two types of high density foam with a precise, medium tension fit.
  • Shell Materials
    • Dual Core TechnologyåʉÛÒåÊA new "Power Injection" method allows Lange to inject two different durometers of plastic simultaneously through 5 injection ports, with the two plastics being directed to specific parts of the boot. The harder plastic goes to the heel, spine and lower shell to retain stiffness, while the softer plastic goes to areas that wrap the foot and lower leg for comfort.
    • ShellåʉÛÒåÊPolyurethane
    • CuffåʉÛÒåÊPolyolefin
  • Stance
    • Forward LeanåʉÛÒåÊ12è_
    • RampåʉÛÒåÊ4è_
    • CantingåʉÛÒåÊ+/- 1è_
    • External Screwed Cuff Alignment
  • Ski/Walk Mode:åÊPower V Lock 2.0 TechnologyåʉÛÒåÊ43è_ range of motion in hike mode with the super positive V-Lock metal-on-metal locking mechanism for performance and power on descents.
  • Buckles
    • Alu Light Micro Adjust Buckles
    • 2 x 6 Tooth Upper Ladders with 3 Position Options
  • Power Strap:åÊ35 mm Velcro Strap
  • Sole
    • Replaceable ISO 5355 Max Grip Soles
    • GripWalk Pads Available Separately
    • Rubber Arch PadåʉÛÒåÊAdded traction under the arch for tough rocky approaches and bar stools.
  • Ability Level:åÊIntermediate-Advanced åÊ
  • Includes Tech Fittings:åÊNo
  • Touring UsedFor:åÊMid-Range
  • Ski Boot Flex:åÊMedium
  • Forefoot Width:åÊ100 mm
  • Liner Type:åÊSemi-Custom
  • Flex Index:åÊ80
  • Number of Buckles:åÊ4
  • Boot Sole Type:åÊAlpine DIN (ISO 5355)
  • Series:åÊFreetour
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