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Tolhurst Thunderbolt HI HI4 Surfboard

Tolhurst Thunderbolt HI HI4 Surfboard

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The HI4 is Harley’s go to performance longboard for anything up to a bit over head high faces. It’s wider all round with more plane shape curve between your feet making it incredibly loose and easy to turn.

It utilises the continual HP rocker with the last 6 inches flipped up so with the wider dimensions it’s still very at home in the pocket. The even rocker, nose concave and the wider nose combination makes the HI4 the easiest to walk and nose ride of the HI series.


9’3 x 23 x 2 7/8 x 70.1L

FINS: In all regular conditions we recommend the FCS Harley XL tri set. In larger open faces or hollow surf, we suggest the FCS Harley XL quad set. Customers that like the extra speed may also like the quad set on small days also!

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