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The Rossignol Experience SI 130 is a 97mm lasted 130 flex boot which means this is a race level boot designed for those who ski fast and don't want to sacrifice any performance for comfort. The SI 130 has a modern upright stance, with rockered skis there is no need to be so far forward leaning in your boots like old high performance boots use to be. The Foam Fit Plus liner is heat moldable so drop your footbeds in and mold them up for a precise, comfortable fit. Look, the bottom line is you should only consider this boot if you are an exceptionally aggressive skier because this boot is narrow, stiff and is not to be skied lightly!


130 Flex Rating:åÊHigher than average stiffness means you should be skiing pretty fast to warrant a boot of this flex.

97mm Last:åÊThis width is pretty narrow, and is reserved for skiers with narrow feet or skiers with wider feet and a high level of pain threshold. The narrower than average width aids in quicker response between the skier and skis.

Tongue Pull:åÊA loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.

Macro adjust ladder: The tooth plate opposite the top buckles can be moved in or out for a huge range of adjustment, and to fit narrow to wide lower legs.

40mm strap: Super wide strap found on high performance boots. The extra width spreads out the force while skiing and reduces the pressure point on the upper shin.

Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles:åÊThese aluminum buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.

Double Canting: Two adjustment bolts, one each side of the ankle, allow for maximum adjustment for leg/knee alignment problems. The canting helps the skis stay flat on the ground while you are still bow-legged or knock-kneed.

Grip System:åÊSmall rubber pads on the sole of the boot give better traction than a solid chunk of plastic, and also absorbs some of the shock while walking.

Thermo-moldable Liner:åÊThese liners can be pre-molded before you ski, by warming the up and walking around, or you can mold them over time simply by skiing in them. The liner can be remolded multiple times, as well!

One Piece Toebox:åÊThe solid one piece toebox is integrated into the liner to prevent deformation when putting on or taking off the boot, as well as eliminating any pressure points caused by liner seams.

Replaceable Heel Pads:åÊThis is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much, just laugh at him and tell him to order you a new set of heel pads.

SensorFit Technology:åÊRossignol's Sensor boots are anatomically designed to have direct contact with the foot's 'balance receptor points' (big toe, little toe, heel) to give a comfortable fit as well as greater power that comes from greater balance. Additionally, Sensor fit boots have a seamless, one piece tongue and a cushy instep pocket too, both of which are there to minimize pressure points no matter how tight you lock down your buckles.

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