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Pyzel Red Tiger Surfboard

Pyzel Red Tiger Surfboard

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The Pyzel Red Tiger is John John Florence’s new go-to high-performance shortboard for medium-sized, slower, weaker waves, based on John’s simple guidance - ”make it Fast and Fun”. The Pyzel Red Tiger is perfect for waves in the 2-4ft range.



  • A wider outline for a high-performance surfboard, with the wide point sitting an inch behind the centre.
  • The wider tail-block squash helps to keep area in the tail which provides lift and drive, and also helps create “pop” when going into the air.  
  • A moderate hip by the front fins puts a break in the outline to help create a pivot point that allows for tighter radius turns and release in the lip.
  • The rocker is fairly flat for a high-performance board with a single to double concave through the front 2/3 of the board and then blends that into a significant double concave/deep vee combo through the fins and off the tail. This bottom keeps the flatter board easy to roll rail-to-rail and the vee of the tail works to allow easy vertical surfing and short-arc carves, even in tight, pockety waves. 
  • The thickness flow (foil) from nose to tail is balanced and clean, with the front of the board just barely thinner than the back half.  
  • The deck is flat-ish, keeping more foam (volume) out towards the rails.
  • The rails are full with a slight taper to keep sensitivity and bite.

Ride your Pyzel Red Tiger around an inch shorter than your standard high-performance shortboard, and a touch wider. Volume should go up a ½ to 1 Litre for added zing in weaker waves.

The board will easily turn your everyday sessions into something special and we believe it will outperform any other high-performance surfboard in sub-par waves.

If you are chasing a board that will perform in pumping 4ft+ conditions, then take a look at the Pyzel Ghost.

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