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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Dream 6R Wakeboard Bindings

2024 Liquid Force Dream 6R Wakeboard Bindings

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2024 Liquid Force Dream 6R Wakeboard Bindings


Built to give your little wake princess the comfort and stability she needs to get out there and pursue her Dreams!

The 2024 Liquid Force Dream 6R Wakeboard Bindings are tailor-made for young wakeboarding enthusiasts, offering the comfort and stability needed to chase their dreams on the water. Featuring an impact EVA footbed for soft landings and a Comfort Liner for smooth transitions, these bindings accommodate growing feet or can be shared with siblings and friends. With the 6R Chassis System and an adjustable Velcro top strap, they provide a secure fit and flexibility for your little wake princess, ensuring nothing but smiles ahead at Welcome Board Store!

The impact EVA footbed makes landings nice and soft, while the inner Comfort Liner allows for smooth transitions at the same time. Its open-toe design allows for plenty of growing room or the ability to share between siblings and nothing but smiles ahead.

  • 6R Chassis System
  • Medium Fit | Soft Flex
  • Adjustable Velcro Top Strap | Single Zone Lacing w/ Hex Lock
  • Upper Cuff Flex Zone
  • Impact EVA Ergonomic Contoured 2.5° Canted Footbed
  • Comfort Integrated EVA Liner
  • Sustainable Assembly - Glue-less Locking Frame
  • Universally Compatible with 6" Inserts and LF FlexTrack Wakeboards
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