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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard

2024 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard

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2024 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard


Introducing the 2024 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard, now available at Welcome Board Store. Designed as a reliable choice for beginners, the Angel has been a staple in the wakeboard industry for years. It features an aggressive continuous rocker and a D-I-S-C hull, making it easy to ride while building technique and confidence. With soft landings, molded fins, and a variable rail edge, this board offers a smooth and controlled experience for riders of all levels, from beginners to intermediates. The Angel comes in three sizes to suit your weight, and it's constructed with durable PU foam and layered bi-axial glass to ensure long-lasting performance. Whether you're just starting or refining your skills, the Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard is here to help you ride with ease and style. Plus, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind. Get ready to hit the wake and progress your riding with the Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard from Welcome Board Store!

The Liquid Force Angel is the tried and true beginner's shape after being in the range for plenty of years. The Angel is designed to help build technique and confidence while also developing ability through a smooth shape. Featuring an aggressive continuous rocker and a D-I-S-C hull, the Angel is designed for an easy and forgiving ride with plenty of boot off the wake. These features also work together to provide soft landings without sacrificing board speed. These features combined with molded fins and a variable rail edge allow the board to suit any rider with an easy tracking feel and plenty of control. With this level of ease, any rider from beginner or intermediate will feel comfortable on the Angel.

Rocker Line

  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker – With a late pulled curve, it releases stored energy late to allow the board to get plenty of height without sacrificing speed and carry across the wake.

    Board Flex

    • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 7/10

    Core Construction

    • PU Foam – Liquid Force’s Polyurethane foam has been the staple of quality in the wakeboard industry, keeping boards light and strong


    • Variable Edge Design – Thicker and rounder between the bindings, thinner and sharper in the tip/tail. This gives a smooth, catch-free feel through transitions and sharp edge hold through to the wake.


    • Layered Bi-Axial Glass – Make sure your board doesn’t soften over the years; this layered fibreglass will help keep you poppin’.


    • D-I-S-C Hull – Custom shaped to soften landings and keep top water speed
    • Dual Concave Vee Channel - Custom shaped to soften landings and keep top water speed
    • Tip to Tail Channels – For maximum support and hold through your cuts


    • Molded-in, Long Based Side Fins - Longer outer molded fins give smooth and direct edge hold for beginners through to advanced riders.
    • Removable Centre 1.0" Fins - A smaller middle tracking fin for the board. It's used to allow the board to have a stabilising element for beginner comfort.

    Rider Level

    • Riding Ability: Beginner

    Board Sizing

    (130cm) – Up to 59Kgs

    (135cm) – Up to 77Kgs

    (139cm) – 66Kgs and Up


    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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