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2017 Lange XT 80 Ski Boots - Womens

2017 Lange XT 80 Ski Boots - Womens

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Lange's XT 80 women's are a hard skiing, easy flexing ski boots with an advanced hike/ski mode that let you tour, boot pack and turn your way to nirvana. Though they have relatively soft flex, advanced skiers looking for a comfortable fit should not shy away. Their 100mm last toe box has more width than typical Lange boots to drive that point home. Their softer flex makes them an excellent option for freeriders looking to soften up their landings a bit.


  • Thinsulate liners help keep you warm and comfortable when temperatures drop.
  • 80 Flex Index: This boot has a flex rating of 80, which is moving out of the softer-entry level boots and into the stiffer more advanced ski boots. A boot of this flex is appropriate for a wide range of skiers, from lower intermediates looking to improve to expert skiers who want a more casual flex.
  • Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads: This is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much, just laugh at him and tell him to order you a new set of sole plates.
  • Lange's patented new technology opens up a greater range of movement (40å‰ö_) in "hike" mode to increase mobility on ascents, while a new metal-on-metal locking mechanism for the shell and cuff in "ski" mode paves the way for a whole new level of performance and power on descents.
  • 35mm strap: Wider than average strap at the top of the boot to help keep the boot together and to give good performance while skiing.
  • Natural Stance: The forward lean of this boot is much less exaggerated than boots in the past. By providing a more neutral upright stance, the boot compliments modern rocker and shape skis that don't require increased forward lean.
  • Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles: These aluminum buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.
  • Power Wrap Wedge: Plastic reinforcement (on the tongue) protects the shin, enhances the sensitivity and precision during the cuff motion. Basically the liner is stiff, similar to the boot, so aggressive skiers will get good feedback from the liner as well as the shell of the boot itself. And additionally, the tongue will provide a shinguard of sorts, so people jumping and landing can breathe a little easier.
  • 100mm last: A performance width for advanced recreational skiers all the way up to expert level skiers. This is also suitable for skiers with narrower than average feet.
  • Tongue Pull: A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.
  • PU Shell: Poly Urethane shell (plastic) that resists stretching and is durable for long life.
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