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Sherpa Merino Wool 3/4 Thermal Pants

Sherpa Merino Wool 3/4 Thermal Pants

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Sherpa Merino Wool Long Thermal Pants provides you with a great baselayer of warmth and comfort while riding your motocycle all year round.

Merino wool is nature's miracle fibre, providing us with unique properties of warmth and comfort that only nature herself could come up with. SherpaåÊuse only the very best, super fine Australian Merino wool, assuring your warmth and comfort.

Sherpa's Merino Thermals are the ideal base layer. Worn snugly and close to the skin they keep you warm, dry, comfortable and performing at your best. During periods of physical activity nothing wicks moisture away from the skin like wool. Because the wool we use is super fine, our Merino Thermals are ultra soft to the touch and will not itch. They can be worn for days on end as they breathe well and do not capture odour.

Designed and manufactured to theiråÊstrict guidelines, Sherpa's Merino Thermals are of outstanding quality and extremely durable.


  • 100% Australian Merino wool
  • Outstanding natural comfort
  • Ultra soft to the touch
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Excellent freedom of movement
  • Lightweight and non-itch (240 gsm fabric)
  • Tight, interlock knit keeps shape and good looks for years and gives the very best in thermal properties and comfort
  • Natural warmth and insulation, even if the garment dampens
  • Flat locked seams provide ultimate comfort against the skin
  • Gusseted crotch in the pants provides freedom of movement and extra comfort
  • Super fine 18.5 micron fibres (18.5 millionths of a metre!)
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