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Channel Islands

Channel island Merrick / Gudauskas 2 + 1 Fins

Channel island Merrick / Gudauskas 2 + 1 Fins

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Meet our most radical twin-plus-trailer fin set to date—a rakey, performance orientated template that offers the freedom of a twin but the reliability of a thruster. The MerrickGudauskas 2 + 1 was created by utilizing the front curve of the BMT but we shaped in a narrower base with a sleek trailing curve and a high-performance tip to deliver next-level drive and control through turns. The result of this fun collaboration between Britt Merrick and the Gudauskas brothers (Dane, Pat, Tanner) happened while they were working on the G-Skate model, but a good fin is a good fin, and we have since learned the MGT translates very well to any board twin-fin design where a trailer is needed. This 2+1 set’s foil and template generates a lot of speed and stability through turns so you can boost or slice with total confidence.


  Depth Base
Side Fins 5.20" 5.25"
  132mm 133.5mm
  Depth Base
Center Fins 3.15" 3.38"
  80mm 86mm
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