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2024 Jetpilot Quantum X - Cory Vest

2024 Jetpilot Quantum X - Cory Vest

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2024 Jetpilot Quantum X - Cory Vest

Elevate your water sports game with the Jetpilot Quantum X - Cory Mens Life Jacket, crafted in an exclusive collaboration with WWA World Series Champion Cory Teunissen. Unveiling the groundbreaking 2024 design, this life jacket isn't just about high-level protection—it's about amplifying your performance on the water.

🌟 Features & Benefits:

🔥 Signature Excellence: Part of the Cory Teunissen Signature Series, this life jacket is designed with insights from a champion to help you perform like one.

🌟 Certified Safety: This life jacket meets all Australian Standard L50S requirements. Your safety is assured while you conquer the waves and master new tricks.

🌊 Next-Level Flexibility: The 100% 360 Stretch Neoprene allows for an unprecedented range of motion. Whether you're wakeboarding, waterskiing, or just cruising, you’ll be unrestricted and agile.

🔒 Locked-In Comfort: The Internal Body Lock Panel ensures a snug, secure fit without chafing. Say goodbye to distractions and focus on your performance.

💪 Built to Last: Featuring a Durable PK Lok Zipper, you can trust this vest to withstand the rigors of intensive water sports.

🛠 High-Performance Buoyancy: Freelite L50S Approved Bevelled Edge Buoyancy Foam offers the perfect balance between flotation and maneuverability, allowing you to execute complex moves with ease.

🕴 Tailored for Athletes: Designed for serious wakeboarders, the anatomical fit adapts to your body's contours for maximum comfort and flexibility.

💦 Ultimate Comfort and Performance: Developed in collaboration with Cory Teunissen, this premium vest is the ultimate choice for serious wakeboarders who aim to perform at the highest level.

Experience the difference of a life jacket designed by a champion, for champions. The Jetpilot Quantum X - Cory Mens Life Jacket in Putty is not just a safety measure; it's an investment in your performance. Get yours now and prepare to dominate the waters like never before!

Product Features:

  • Australian Standard L50S Approved
  • Cory Tuenissen Signature Series
  • 100% 360 Stretch Neoprene
  • Internal Body Lock Panel
  • Durable PK Lok Zipper
  • Freelite L50S Approved Bevelled Edge Buoyancy Foam
  • Anatomical Fit
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