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2025 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

2025 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

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2025 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

Welcome Board Store presents the 2025 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard, designed by Arthur Longo for all-mountain and powder performance. With its directional shape, Alpine V3 Profile, and Panda Hover Core, this board offers precise control, effortless float, and unmatched versatility for exploring new terrain with confidence.

The 2025 Capita Aeronaut is the newest board in the Capita line, developed by the king of Side Hit Euphoria, the Rocket Man, Arthur Longo. He created this board to be the king of your local resort, being able to ride any terrain in its path while maintaining incredible board control, pop massive ollies, and stomp any landing without having to second guess your footing. The directional, cambered shape of the Aeronaut can handle even the most demanding terrain while the Hyperdrive Adv base, Panda Hover Core and V-Tech Amplifiers offer a lightweight and fast board without having to compromise durability to your new deck. It is almost as if the Aeronaut was created to make those same runs you have ridden over and over feel new and exciting as you explore a whole new world of snowboarding.


Rider Type: All Mountain and Powder

Camber Type: Alpine V3 Profile

The Alpine V3 Profile has a deeper traditional camber that zeros out before the end of the sidecut. The small zero camber sections provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of an old school cambered snowboard.

Flex: 6/10 (Mid)

Stiff enough to plow through the powder and hold a strong edge, but soft enough to be forgiving when you need it.

Shape: Directional

This board is engineered for deep powder and all mountain versatility, featuring a radial sidecut complemented by a tapered tail. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in powder while the wide nose floats above the surface, giving you smooth flowing turns and an easy, surfy, floaty ride in powder.

Progressive Sidecut

This board features a progressive sidecut consisting of two blended radii to accomodate the three stages of a turn. This provides easy turn initiation white offering greater control throughout the turn and maximum power when exiting.

Core: Panda Hover Core

The Panda Hover Core was engineered with a focus on all-terrain technical freestyle riding. Featuring the same lightweight, poppy, smooth Poplar and Paulownia wood as CAPiTA's Superlight P2 Core enhanced with inlaid bamboo power rods, this high-density core is strong enough to handle any kind of terrain while staying super light.

Amplitex V-Tech Amplifier - Amplitex is a natural Flax fibre woven with carbon strands, giving you the reactive energy of carbon with the lightweight dampening properties of Flax. These two fibres are placed in 3 x 25mm strips, working in unison to reinforce the board while flexing uniformly and remaining light, durable, and extra snappy.

HolySheet Fibreglass + Magic Bean Resin - HolySheet glass has a higher glass to weight ratio than normal fibreglass, giving you more stiffness with lower weight than a traditional layup. This is impregnated with a high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin that provides a powerful and dynamic ride that's better for the planet.

Base: Hyperdrive Adv XT Sublimation + Die Cut Base

This custom formulated base uses exceptional anti-friction properties due to high molecular mass and specialised processing aids to make a sintered material that is beyond fast and is one of the fastest, meanest and best bases available.

Additional Features:

  • Multitech Level 4 DeepSpace PAM16000 + Pearlescent Underlay
  • Silkscreen Base
  • 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges
  • Full ABS1000 Sidewalls
  • Stainless Steel 4x2 Inserts
  • 0.8" setback




Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist (mm) Nose / Tail (cm) Sidecut (m) Max Stance (cm) Weight Range (kg)
153 1200 247 29.2 / 28.7 8.3 / 7.3 53.3 52 - 79
155 1215
29.6 / 29.1 8.4 / 7.4 55.9
56 - 83
157 1230
253 30.0 / 29.5 8.5 / 7.5 55.9
61 - 88
159 1245
30.4 / 29.9 8.6 / 7.6
65 - 92
161 1260
30.8 / 30.3 8.7 / 7.7
72 - 99
158 Wide 1237 263 31.0 / 30.5 8.6 / 7.6 55.9 65 - 92
160 Wide 1252 266 31.4 / 30.9 8.7 / 7.7 58.4 72 - 99
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