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2023 Nitro Crown TLS Womens Snowboard Boots

2023 Nitro Crown TLS Womens Snowboard Boots

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The 2023 Nitro Crown is constantly considered the queen of comfort year after year in women's snowboarding boots. Designed to push you to the limit with its mid stiffness and response, paired with the ultra-luxurious Cloud 6 liner, your feet will feel like royalty in the Crown regardless if you have ridden in them for multiple seasons or they are fresh straight out of the box.

Boot Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Boot Flex (1 = Soft / 10 = Stiff): 5/10

Lacing System: TLS 5 Twin Lacing System

The Nitro TLS 5 Twin Lacing System is one of the best speed lace systems on the market, with easy lace engagement and release, along with low abrasion Dyneema laces for long-lasting, reliable performance. TLS 5 features two independent upper and lower lacing zones, so you can lock in your ideal fit in a flash, adjust your lacing without needing to step out of your bindings, and bail out of your boots in record time at the end of the day.

Liner: Womens Cloud 6 Liner

The Nitro Womens Cloud 6 Liner has a pro-level fit, quick response, and luxurious comfort. The Womens Cloud 6 Liner comes with a Womens Solo Ortholite Footbed, which offers superior shock absorption and energy return with minimal compression, so your footbed will perform consistently for the entire life of your boot. It is also quick-drying, extremely lightweight, and has an anti-microbial coating, making your boots smell better, feel better, and last longer. All Nitro liners are heat mouldable, and while it isn't necessary, a heat mould can give you a more custom fit from day 1 as opposed to wearing the boot in.

ILS Liner Lacing

The Nitro ILS Liner Lacing system features a lacing harness directly connected to the boot shell that snugly wraps around the liner, firmly securing it in the shell for strong hold and a precise fit.

Re/Lace Liner Locker

The Re/Lace Liner Locker revolutionises how a liner lace functions. During a day of snowboarding, your boots are going to loosen. Your foot settles, your boot expands, it happens. With the Re/Lace Liner Locker, once the laces are locked in at the start of the day all you need to do is pull the liner lace tab to retighten your liner, without ever needing to undo your boots.

Ortholite Solo Womens Footbed

Ortholite is the worlds leading supplier of open-cell foam insole technology. Ortholite compresses less than 5% with excellent levels of shock absorption and energy return. It also has a unique open cell structure that wicks moisture away, dries quickly, and contains a patented anti-microbial formulation to fight fungus, bacteria and odour. This lightweight technology provides optimum performance without adding excess weight to the boot.

Cushioning / Traction: Rubber Outsole + EVA Midsole

This boot features an outsole made of an abrasion-resistant, high-grip rubber compound, formed in a highly affective traction pattern that provides additional durability and a consistent, dependable grip. This is combined with an EVA midsole that reduces the weight of the boot and provides extra cushion and thermal insulation.

Flex Link

This boot features a flexible panel at the ankle for consistent flex without buckling and more response without adding bulk.


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