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2024 HO Neutron KB w/Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

2024 HO Neutron KB w/Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

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2024 HO Neutron KB w/Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

Unleash the thrill of kneeboarding with the 2024 HO Neutron KB w/Powerlock Strap Kneeboard, now available at Welcome Board Store. Designed for water sports enthusiasts of all levels, this kneeboard combines a twin-tip design and continuous rocker for impressive airs and soft landings, while the molded-in fins and large orthotic knee pad ensure maximum control and comfort. Conquer deep-water starts with ease using the easy-up handle hook and enjoy a seamless ride with the Powerlock single locking knee strap.

A great kneeboard for water sports enthusiasts at all skill levels, the H.O. Sports Neutron Kneeboard features a twin-tip design and a continuous rocker for huge airs and soft landings. The Neutron is shaped with molded-in fins for extra edge hold and outfitted with a large orthotic pad that makes riding more comfortable and helps soften every landing. H.O.'s easy up handle holder makes deep-water starts much less daunting. Includes single locking strap.


  • Easy-Up Handle Hook
  • Snowboard inspired Side Cut
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Molded in Fins for maximum control
  • Large Orthotic Knee Pad for Comfortable Ride
  • PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap
  • The Powerlock strap is a single-locking kneeboard strap. It’s soft padding strap make for comfortable rides with an intuitive design for all ability levels.
  • Single-locking kneeboard strap
  • Soft padding strap for comfortable rides
  • Intuitive design for all ability levels


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