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2025 CLEW® Freedom 1.0 Snowboard Bindings

2025 CLEW® Freedom 1.0 Snowboard Bindings

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Click, click and your boot fits perfectly. Ready to ride!

You want the speed and simplicity of a Step-In binding, but you want to choose your own boot and not have to rely on that one compatible boot. The solution is Clew - clever and new. With this Step-In binding you have the free choice. Your boot is attached to the highback and like that you step into the baseplate. You have the firm feeling of a strap binding, but can save yourself the annoying buckling up.

Clew's patented locking mechanism, the entry works even in deep powder and when ice forms on the binding. The high-quality buckles and straps made of cold-resistant TPU give you the precisely fitting feeling of a ratchet binding.

Clew is handmade in Germany. 

Response/Personality: Stiff

Unsurpassed riding experience
The CLEW binding combines the unsurpassed riding experience of a buckle binding with getting in and out in seconds!

Compatible with every boot
No matter what your boot or snowboard brand is - the bindings from CLEW fit perfectly!

Pull once and you can get out of your snowboard binding in seconds!

Snow and ice-proof
Thanks to two locking levels and the special geometry, the lock also works with snow or ice in the binding. 

The stiff highback offers best repsonse and is one of the two main components of the Clew binding. It also features the Easy-Open handle to open the mechanism.

The stiff baseplate is mounted like on any other snowboard. By simply stepping in, you can attach the highback and you are ready to shred. Due to the patented locking mechanism, the entry also works when the binding is covered with snow or ice.

For best feeling and hold the Clew binding comes with high quality buckles and straps.

Snowboard Compatibility

The CLEW Combi-Disc (included) is compatible with the most common snowboard screw connections (Channel, 4x4 and 2x4).

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