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Stinky Socks

Stinky Socks - The Fox 2

Stinky Socks - The Fox 2

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The Fox 2

The Fox Merino Wool Socks

The Arctic Fox is best known for its thick, warm fur. That’s how you’ll remember the “Fox” socks. They’ll keep you warm and fresh for longer than any other sock.

68% Merino Wool; 31% PA ; 1%EL

merino wool fabric produced in Italy

thick fabric sock structure

breathable anty-itchy merino wool fabric

temperature-regulating structure keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

repels unpleasant odors

keeps your skin hydrated without feeling damp

takes the moisture away from the skin

natural UV protection

comfortable upper band

natural fabric

extra soft
elastic arch and ankle support
cushioned arch
padded toe
left right specific toe shape


*Stinky Socks Sticker Included with the pack

Available sizes: S-M; L-XL

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