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Futures Ando Blackstix 4.0 Thruster Fins

Futures Ando Blackstix 4.0 Thruster Fins

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The Craig “Ando” Anderson Signature Blackstix is a large thruster in the Neutral template category designed to cater to Ando's effortless surfing style. As seen on display when boosting his iconic airs. Futures Blackstix 4.0 fins feature a V2 inside foil that generates and maintains speed throughout turns. The precision carbon and fiberglass matrix construction paired with specialized epoxy resin provides a very lightweight fin with incredible response, making your board feel livelier.

  • Template Category | Neutral (all-around, versatile)
  • Construction | Blackstix 4.0
  • Ride Number | Speed Generating – 8.7
  • Size | Large (80+ kgs)

To celebrate the release of Ando's updated Blackstix 4.0, we are giving one lucky customer the chance to win a prize pack curated by Craig Anderson valued at $2900!

Prize pack includes a Haydenshapes surfboard, Former Apparel, Zion wetsuit, Epokhe eyewear, DB trave gear and bonus Futures product.

How to win!

Step 1 – Buy a set of Craig Anderson Signature Blackstix 4.0’s before 31st December 2023
Step 2 – Complete competition entry here

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