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2019 Ride Sage BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

2019 Ride Sage BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

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New-age gurus and life coaches want to give you advice on how to be successful, meanwhile they drive a POS and struggle to pay their gas bill. Mystic carnies and pompous fire-walking, trust-fallers shouldn‰۪t influence the decisions you make in life; however, the wisdom of our boot engineers should definitely impact your boot decisions. Take the 2019 Ride Sage Boa Snowboard Womens Boot, a heat moldable IntuitionTM Plush Foam Liner is combined with a Die Cut EVA Insole to give you all day comfort and support. The decision to include a BOAå¨ CoilerTM with the CloserTM Lace Guide is an ingenious one because it gives you a precise fit with fewer spins of the dial, while The CloserTM Lace Guide distributes lace tension across the entire boot to give you a comfortable, pressure point-free fit. The slip-ups that get you down will be a thing of the past thanks to the new Grip Light Sole that adds a +Slime midsole to our rubber pods for maximum durability and ice traction. Trust in the wisdom of our engineering gurus, the 2019 Ride Sage Boa Snowboard Womens Boot is a mid-flexing boot that will help you progress past these difficult stages you are currently facing... in snowboarding.


As confident as you may be about your weekly tarot card reading, you'll feel even more at ease in the hands of the 2019 Ride Sage Boa Snowboard Womens Boot. Combining comfort and support with their heat moldable design, Boa closure and all-new +Slime midsole for increased riding comfort, the Sage Snowboard Boots make it easy to take your skills anywhere on the mountain. Postpone your next tea leaf reading and find your way to the mountain with the 2019 Ride Sage Boa Snowboard Womens Boot

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Flex RatingåʉÛÒåÊ4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


In2grated‰ã¢ ConstructionåʉÛÒåÊIn2grated‰ã¢ Construction creates the lightest weight, shortest length performance boots on the market, hands down. The liner is factory molded inside the shell to create the most efficient "net fit," leading to less pack out for better overall comfort.

1:1 LastingåʉÛÒåÊ1:1 lasting ensuring a seamless liner to shell integration for all whole and half sizes. Liner lasts anatomically shaped to your foot offers premium out of box liner comfort while shell last shaping precisely merges together for a uniform supportive fit.

Jade LaståʉÛÒåÊPerformance designed women's specific fit.

LSD C.A.T. (Calf Adjustment Technology)åʉÛÒåÊDesigned specifically for ladies to increase comfort and ensure a purrrfect fit. This Velcro adjustment on the boot cuff allows for a one-of-a-kind custom fit in the calf zone.

Internal J BarsåʉÛÒåÊCreate superior ankle and heel hold with added support.

3D Formed Tongue

Articulated Cuff


Center Tongue Liner

Intuition‰ã¢ Plush FoamåʉÛÒåÊMedium-density heat-moldable foam delivers the ultimate plush feel for all day comfort.

Lock Down‰ã¢ Turbo Liner LacingåʉÛÒåÊA secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place.

Heat Reflective FoilåʉÛÒåÊRedirects heat from underneath the foot to help keep in the toasty warmth while charging up last chair.

Lacing System

Boaå¨ Closure SystemåʉÛÒåÊReel activated speed lace system for quick and easy uniform closure.

The Closer‰ã¢ Lace GuideåʉÛÒåÊThe Closer‰ã¢ Lace Guide is centered over the forefoot to drive lace power down low to even the lace tension throughout the entire boot. Accompanied by Boaå¨ Closure System, the even-tightening of The Closer‰ã¢ Lace Guide takes speed lacing to the next level and provides an incredibly comfortable fit.


Die Cut EVAåʉÛÒåÊSolid, proven support and comfort.


Grip Light SoleåʉÛÒåÊ+SLIME midsole combined with rubber pods for maximum durability and ice traction.

+SLIME MidsoleåʉÛÒåÊRide's proprietary foam blend that improves comfort underfoot anywhere on the mountain.

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