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Jibbin Grandad Sweater - GS15

Jibbin Grandad Sweater - GS15

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It's time to make a change on how we think about shopping for the steeze that makes us stand out from the rest.

Jibbins love for streetwear, snow and music is what gives them inspiration; so you'll notice their family is full of creatives such as skiers, snowboarders and talented artists.

Top quality materials with unique patterns and textures from the past, turned into wardrobe staples for the future.

How it's made:

REWORKED: Items of clothing that need a little bit of love and care..... Maybe something needs a new zip? Or a seam is coming loose, so i'll fix it. Tonnes of quality items get thrown away because they are classed as faulty, but really they just need a little TLC.

REPURPOSED: Some Jibbin Collection items are created out of old blankets, curtains, table cloths and much more.

UPCYCLED: I make things better!! Maybe it has a pocket but the pocket needs a zip? The functionality of the item is still the same, I just make it great.

VINTAGE: Everybody loves a vintage item! And it's the best choice for the planet!!

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Grandad Sweater  XL 24 30
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