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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Unity Aero w/ Aero 6X Boots

2024 Liquid Force Unity Aero w/ Aero 6X Boots

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2024 Liquid Force Unity Aero w/ Aero 6X Boots

The Liquid Force Unity Aero is one wakeboard that unifies some of the craziest aspects of wakeboarding into one dynamite model. Working with Sam Brown the Unity Aero works to collide aspects from the far reaches of wakeboard technology, developing a board that carries a massive amount of speed and holds into the wake with a consistently big pop off the wake. This works with some of the smoothest transitions in wakeboarding thanks to a departure from fixed fins and the addition of molded fins. This wild concoction is then constructed around Liquid Force's carbon-strung aero core and their lightest fibreglass finish, allowing you to maximise your potential off the wake and get as much pop as possible. The Unity Aero truly has a personality of its own, adding the classic Liquid Force soul into the mix, will allow you to get creative with your riding and give your wakeboarding endless possibilities.

The Liuid Force Aero is the lightest wakeboard boot to date out of the liquid force innovation factory. Built on the footprint of the revolutionary 4D plate system, the Aero is now adapted to a more universal-friendly 6-inch pattern. The Honeycomb outer shell cuts unnecessary material and reduces the weight on one of the lightest boots around. The Aero provides the ultimate feel and response from your board by removing unnecessary materials, giving you a response to turn and burn without sacrificing support for those hard landings. The Honeycomb Flexfloor and Reflex liner create not only one of the lightest boot designs, by close to 10%, but also maximises comfort, providing increased edge leverage and creating a tighter fit and added flex. Liquid Force is about changing the game through Relentless Innovation, and the Aero 6X does exactly that when it comes to comfort and performance.

Wakeboard Features

Rocker Line

  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker –   When you want that late rampy boost off the wake, an aggressive continuous rocker provides. With its late pulled curve, it won't only release that stored energy late but also allow the board to continue carrying speed.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 5/10

Core Construction

  • Aero Foam - Liquid Force's all-new signature lightweight core using divinycell foam, decreases the weight significantly without sacrificing the structural strength of the wakeboard
  • Cx2 Carbon Stringers - strung longways along with the board, these added carbon stringers help to strengthen the board and store energy built up in your cut to the wake, and release at the peak of the wake to give you that extra boost
  • Ultralight Diamond Squaretail - A super-thin scalloped tip/tail reducing swing weight and overall weight to make transitions and movement faster than ever.


  • Low Volume Rails – Gives smooth transitions and provides a precise cut through your edge all the way to the top of the wake
  • Radius Edge - For a smoother feeling cut the less abrupt edge gives a more comfortable feel


  • Spaceframe Deck Technology - A light core needs a strong lightweight top layer to go with it. The Spaceframe deck technology is a wildly lightweight and strong top deck for the board to allow your board to maintain shape and performance long into its board life.


  • Double Concave Hull Through Center -    Helps to pivot you into your edges and stay there as well as softening your landings
  • Quad Concave Hull in Tip and Tail - provides greater control through the top of your cut and subsequently allows for added lift and release off the wake
  • Edge Channels – For maximum support and hold through your cuts


  • Warped Molded Quad Fins - Providing a smoother, more free-flowing feel than mounted fins, molded fins will allow you to get that smooth vibe without sacrificing performance.

Extra Features

  • Flextrack Mounting System – Your board flex’s, so your mounting system should to

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Board Sizing

(135cm) – Up to 77Kgs

(139cm) –  Up to 95Kgs

(143cm) –  72Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

                          Boot Features


                          • Stiff Flex


                          • 3D Molded Uni-Body Side Panels - Provide a firmer and stiffer fit so you can have the maximum response
                          • Articulating Cuff - Unhindered natural flex through the pivot point of the boot

                          Liner & Lacing

                          • Reflex Liner - The top-end blend of support and comfort is all mixed into a neat little package.
                          • Impact EVA Midsole - Softens the impact on your feet from big landings because no one likes that jarring feeling
                          • Dual Lace Zones - Laces work


                          • 6X Chassis - All the performance and design benefits of the 4D plates in a universal 6-inch footprint, meaning faster response edge to edge and a longer life with less boot warp over time
                          • Honeycomb FlexFloor - Provides a unique connection to the board and develops specific flex point

                          Additional Features

                          • Honeycomb Outer Shell - This machine cut exterior shell helps to reduce the weight of the binding without sacrificing support and response
                          • The lightest binding on the market by nearly 10%!
                          • 3D Molded Tongue


                          • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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