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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard

2024 Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard

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2024 Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard

Welcome to the world of progressive wakeboarding with the 2024 Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard, now available at Welcome Board Store. Designed to match the fearless riding style of Raph Derome, the RDX offers a thrilling and smooth ride with explosive pop. This wakeboard features an aggressive 3-stage rocker and a D-I-S-C Hull with a slight vee, delivering a perfect balance of speed, flow, and airtime. The tip and tail channels provide exceptional edge hold and acceleration toward the wake, while low-volume rails and quad molded fins ensure solid control without sacrificing speed. With its PU foam core construction, pro-glass layup, and beveled edges, the Liquid Force RDX is built to offer you the ultimate response, strength, and impact absorption. It's an ideal choice for intermediate riders who crave a board that delivers both precision and power. The RDX comes in five sizes to accommodate different rider weights, and it's backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind. Get ready to elevate your wakeboarding experience with the Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard, available now at Welcome Board Store.

The Liquid Force RDX is about providing everything progressive such as the riding style of Raph Derome; the RDX is developed to provide a smoother style ride. The RDX is built around providing easy pop without sacrificing speed or hold. Providing a progressive 3-stage rocker and D-I-S-C Hull through to a slight vee, the RDX provides easy flow with an extra pop while maintaining soft landings. Tip and tail channels also create increased edge hold and acceleration towards the wake. The design of the RDX is then rounded out with low volume rails and quad molded fins for solid edge hold and control without sacrificing speed.

Rocker Line

  • Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker – An aggressive 3-stage rocker with a maximised flat spot and a pronounced kick in the tip and tail, giving a fast, hard edge into the wake, finishing with huge explosive pop for maximum height.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 5/10

Core Construction

  • PU Foam – Liquid Force’s Polyurethane foam has been the staple of quality in the wakeboard industry, keeping boards light and strong


  • Thin Profile Low Volume Rails – Gives smooth transitions and provides a precise cut through your edge all the way to the top of the wake.
  • Beveled Edge - For a smoother feeling cut, the less abrupt edge gives a more comfortable feel.


  • Pro-Glass Layup – Liquid Force’s concoction of unique fibreglass weaves, providing the ultimate response on the water and in the air. The pro layup also increases strength and absorbs impact to reduce bounce.


  • D-I-S-C Hull - Custom shaped to soften landings and keep top water speed
  • Edge Channels – For maximum support and hold through your cuts
  • Vee Tip/Tail Channels - provides greater control through the top of your cut and subsequently allows for added lift and release off the wake


  • Deep Molded Quad Fins - Providing a smoother, more free-flowing feel than mounted fins, molded fins will allow you to get that surfy vibe.

    Rider Level

    • Riding Ability: Intermediate

    Board Sizing

    (130cm) – Up to 64Kgs

    (134cm) – Up to 77Kgs

    (138cm) –  Up to 95Kgs

    (142cm) –  72Kgs and Up

    (146cm) - 80Kgs and Up


    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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