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2024 KGB Stash Vest

2024 KGB Stash Vest

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2024 KGB Stash Vest

Fully featured and with an overdose of style.
The Stash comes with unique hidden zippers so you can stash your buckle + belt when you want to ride free and unrestricted. 4-way super-stretch neoprene and our thinnest lightweight foam provide you with the best form-fitting vest on the market. The Stash is the perfect vest for everything you do on the water.... Riding at the cable, chasing buoys through the course, surfing on the lake,
or running through the waterpark.


- Super-Stretch Neoprene
- Internal and External Segmentation - Lightweight Ultra-Soft Foam
- Hidden Belt + Buckle
- Elastic Webbing Belt
- Targeted Flex Zones
- L50s Standards Approved

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