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2024 Hyperlite Cryptic w/ Formula Boots

2024 Hyperlite Cryptic w/ Formula Boots

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2024 Hyperlite Cryptic w/ Formula Boots

The Hyperlite Cryptic offers one of the most versatile intermediate boards money can buy. Shaped with developing riders in mind, the Cryptic aims to help you get to the next level with minimal effort. It all begins with the board profile, trimming weight and swing weight with a variable rail profile; the Cryptic has more in common with a knife cutting through butter rather than trying to pull around a barn door. This works with a variable edge design for a consistent turn and edge into the wake, working with a continuous rocker to give you all the speed and consistent pop you need. Finally, the underside offers a subtle landing spine and dual concave tunnels in the tip and tail to provide you with some added push into the wake and softer landings to balance it out. If you want to make becoming a better wakeboarder simpler, the Cryptic is where the conversation starts and ends.

The Hyperlite Formula Boot gives you back the easy entry, no-nonsense open-toe boot. Bringing back the full velcro closure makes getting yourself or anyone else out on the boat ready to ride as easy as ever. Adding the Hyperplush rear stretch zone and integrated shell, the Formula offers more support while allowing more freedom of movement. With an EVA dual-density pro footbed, you are provided with a comfortable feel underfoot, while the internal heel support, and dual-zone lacing system, provide plenty of support while remaining secure.

Wakeboard Features

Rocker Line

  • Continuous Rocker - A Continuous rocker provides a super smooth and predictable kick off the wake, keeping speed but giving plenty of time for smooth grabs and stylish transitions.

    Board Flex

    • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) - 4/10

    Core Construction

    • Bio 3 Core - The core you want under your feet, from a beginner to pro. Biolite 3 PU foam is wrapped in fibreglass for added strength to handle punishment but is lighter and more durable than anything in wakeboard history. Welcome to Hyperlite's nuclear deterrent


    • Variable Edge Design - Thicker and rounder between the bindings, thinner and sharper in the tip/tail, gives a catch-free surfy feel through transitions and sharp, precise hold through to the wake.


    • Monocoque Construction - An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top, so the flash line is switched out from the weakest point of the board to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding.
    • Layered Bi-Axial Glass - Making sure your board doesn't soften over the years, layered fibreglass will help to keep you poppin'.


    • Subtle Centre Landing Spine - a minimal ridge down the board helps pivot the board through edges, as well as softening your landings and saving your knees.
    • Dual Concave Tunnels - Dual tunnels in the tip and tail t drive water flow and add more power into your cut through the wake


    • Variable Thickness Profile - Thin in the guts and even thinner in the tip and tail, giving you minimal swing weight and an overall light board.


    • 4 x 0.8" P-Wing Center Fins

    Rider Level

    • Riding Ability: Intermediate

    Board Sizing

    (134cm) -  63Kgs and Up

    (138cm) -  Up to 80Kgs

    (142cm) -  72.5Kgs and Up

    (146cm) -  77Kgs and Up


    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

              Boot Features


              • Mid Flex


              • Integrated Shell & Liner Closure - Uses a 2 part design to provide a firm hold on your foot and ankle area.
              • Articulating Cuff - Provides unhindered boot flex so when you lean from edge to edge, you don't get any pressure spots.

              Liner & Lacing

              • Full Velcro Closure - For easy access and closure to get you on the water quicker.
              • Heel Hold Zone - Locks your heel into the boot to reduce heel lift and maximise performance in your edging.
              • Dual Density Pro Footbed - 2 layers of foam under your foot to give you comfort where you want it.
              • Dual Density EVA - 2 layers of EVA around the upper section of the boot, creating a firm fit all while being comfy.


                • Low Pro Plate System
                • 6" Universal Mounting Spread
                • Flow-Through Drain Panels
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