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2024 HO Sabre w/ Stance 130 Atop + ARTP

2024 HO Sabre w/ Stance 130 Atop + ARTP

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2024 HO Sabre w/ Stance 130 Atop + ARTP

The HO Sabre brings the high-end performance of the Works 02 model and creates a new weapon to suit any confident skier who doesn't want to enter the world of Syndicates. This works by taking the tried and tested shape and creating an all-new construction for the Sabre. With a PU/Carbon blended interior that allows the ski to remain incredibly light, but with the benefits of a more forgiving flex pattern than PVC, but still with the classic combination of a carbon laminate sheet bonded with bio-resin to give you that snappy feel in the turns and power across the wash. A pre-flexed continuous rockerline and a high-tip rocker create a fast and powerful turn initiation, allowing you to turn later and tighter. At the same time, an updated centre bevel enables the Sabre to handle these turns with increased stability. Underneath the ski, a high-volume concave is crucial for speed control, maintaining the perfect balance of acceleration and timed deceleration when needed. Finally, wrapping the base with HO's pioneered carbon speed skin reduces the drag of the ski to increase speed while also helping to shave another 20%  off the weight compared to conventional high-end ski models. If you want a powerful ski to tear up the open water on the river but can perform like a top-end ski in the course, the Sabre offers the perfect balance that will blow your socks off.

The HO Stance 130 Atop waterski boot is the new foundation for their ski boot range, taking the comfort of the Freemax and increasing the structural design of the boot to provide an all-new mid-range model. The traditional Stance model winds back the clock to give you your classic 6 holes outer screw pattern, allowing this boot to fit on any ski but don't stress because everything else you love about a HO boot remains the same. With a stiffer full wrap upper cuff, the Stance now offers considerable support laterally without sacrificing any power and increasing responsiveness. The outer cuff and inner liner are built in a 175mm cuff height allowing the boot to sit perfectly around the ankle and not hinder leg movement. All this finally comes together with comfort, a contoured footbed, and updated lining to allow for maximum feel.

Waterski Features


  • Pre-Flexed Continuous Rockerline – A pre-flexed rockerline gives a naturally aggressive shaped continuous rockerline, meaning no matter how you ski or where you stand on the ski, you will always get tight turns and maximum hold. This allows you to explode out of turns and across the wash with ease on both the onside and offside.
  • High Rocker Tip - The increased rocker angle in the tip means earlier and more aggressive turn initiation, getting you around the bouy in less time.


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 8/10


  • Works Construction
    • PU/Carbon Blend Core -  Finding the sweet spot between social skis and syndicate construction, this construction gives you more power out of the turn and speed across the wash while reducing the weight compared to regular PU core models.
    • Bio Resin: 35% Natural Glycerin Resin - This is a simple by-product of biodiesel production that allows the ski to rebound out of turns faster, allowing for a lighter feel underfoot.
    • No Plastic Layers - No top and bottom plastic layers, making the works even more environmentally friendly


  • Carbon Laminates – A traditional carbon laminate layer that is tried and proven adds a snappy element to your ski, driving response through your cut and turns.


  • Wide Forebody - increased width under your foot and through to the nose gives the ski overall increased stability and support without sacrificing speed on the downswing and turn initiation.=
  • Updated Bevel Package - Rounder, larger bevel allows the ski to roll into an edge easier and with greater stability.


  • High Volume Concave – Increased depth in the front section of the ski creates more lift and support while adding greater volume. This translates to more significant push on the outer bevels of the ski and a more effortless ability to pivot into your edges and keep speed.

Other Features

  • Carbon Fiber Speed Skin – A textured base that reduces drag, naturally increasing speed while reducing ski weight by 20%.
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin Block


  • Riding Ability: Advanced
  • Ski Type: Tournament
  • Ski Speeds: 32-36Mph


  • (M / 66″) –  68-92Kgs
  • (L / 67″) – 85-98Kgs
  • (XL / 68″) – 98Kgs +


  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

            Boot Features


            • Mid Flex
            • 130 Flex Index - HO's Stiffer outer shell for superior response


            • Full Wrap Upper Cuff - Increased lateral support around the ankle as well as greater responsiveness
            • Stiff Composite Textile Shell - A reinforced outer shell that is designed to work with your foot on entry to make sure it stands the test of time
            • 15 Degrees Forward Lean - Putting your naturally over your front foot for increased power and performance in your skiing

            Liner & Lacing

            • SBR Closed Cell Foam Lining - Provides that traditional natural rubber feel with all the comforts of a modern boot
            • 6mm Thick Footbed - Contoured footbed provides and increased balance and comfort underfoot
            • Lace Upper
            • Atop Coiler Lower Lace


            • Traditional Plate System 
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