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2024 HO Sabre Slalom Ski

2024 HO Sabre Slalom Ski

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2024 HO Sabre Slalom Ski

Hyper-Performance Crossover Waterski

SIZES: M (EQUIV. TO 66”) / L (EQUIV. TO 67”) / XL (EQUIV. TO 68”) SPEED: 24-34 MPH

Experience the pinnacle of crossover waterski performance with the 2024 HO Sabre Slalom Ski, now available at Welcome Board Store. With a focus on hyper-performance, this ski features a wide forebody for unwavering support and stability, coupled with a high tip rocker design for aggressive turn initiation.

Key Features

  • Wide Forebody: Support and Stability
  • High Tip Rocker Design: More Aggressive Turn Initiation
  • High Volume Concave: Increased Downforce for Stability and Drive

More Features:

  • Construction:
    • Checkerspot Biobased Foam Core: 40% estimated biocontent, derived from microalgae oil
    • Bio Resin: 35% Natural Glycerin Resin, a by-product of biodiesel production
    • Blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass laminates for a more forgiving ride
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin
  • Made in Seattle, WA USA
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