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2024 HO Future Omni Girls w/ Stance 110 + ARTP

2024 HO Future Omni Girls w/ Stance 110 + ARTP

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2024 HO Future Omni Girls w/ Stance 110 + ARTP

The HO Future Omni bridges the gap between the early stages and developing the fundamental skills of waterskiing, so your little tackers can get the basics down pat, and continue to keep growing both up and in their ski development. Bringing together elements from past Omni models and the Works models, the Omni has become a ski that will handle incredibly well underfoot with increased control in the turn. The traditional PU/Fibreglass construction gives the ski a softer, more predictable flex, so you have ease out of the turns and absorption across the wash. The updated rockerline (bringing it more in line with the Works 02), but with an increased emphasis on width, allows the ski to sit deeper in the turns and remove the flightiness that can be drawn out by flatter tail rockers, giving skiers of any level the control and stability underfoot they need to build confidence in their next move. Finished with an increased concave depth and clean edge technology in the tail will increase water flow and give you constant speed and an almost rail-like feel across the wash. Wrapping up the Omni is a staple of the HO range, the Speedskin base. Developed to reduce drag underfoot and increase speed so you can ski all day.

The HO Stance 110 waterski boot takes the best parts of the higher-end 130 model and places it into a softer outer shell. The Stance 110's aim is to keep all the key comfort components of the 130 but take the stiffness and fast-paced response out for a mellower overall feel. The plate Stance model winds back the clock to give you your classic screw pattern allowing it to fit on any ski. With a stiffer, full-wrap upper cuff, the Stance now offers considerable support laterally, increasing responsiveness without sacrificing any power. A 175mm cuff height is specifically chosen, letting the Stance sits perfectly around the ankle without restricting leg movement or comfort. Comfort is at the forefront of the Stance 110, so with its 6mm footbed and closed-cell foam around your ankle, you will get plenty of softness to make skiing fun.

Waterski Features


  • Pre-Flexed Continuous Rockerline – A pre-flexed rockerline gives a naturally aggressive shaped continuous rockerline through the tip and tail of the ski, meaning no matter how you ski or where you stand on the ski, you will always get tight turns and maximum hold.
  • Reduced Rocker Underfoot - Gives the skier a more stable platform to centre from and initiate their next move
  • High Rocker Tip - The increased rocker angle in the tip means earlier and more aggressive turn initiation, getting you through the turn tighter and faster.


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 6/10


  • PU Core – The most well-known core in waterskiing. A durable, slightly softer material, meaning you can ski for longer and not feel as tired while getting more flex into turns and less rebound crossing the wash.  


  • Fibreglass Laminates – The most forgiving top layer you can get is a simple fibreglass laminate that allows the ski to provide a comfortable flex and smooth arcing turn.


  • Hybrid Width - Essentially a mid-wide construction, sitting halfway between traditional and widebody skis. This creates natural and smooth instinctive turns, no matter what speed you want to ski at.
  • Reduced Edge Bevel - Reduces drag, giving you a more natural free-flowing feel when on edge
  • Clean Edge 3.0 Tail - A tapered edge from the base of the back foot to the tail reduces the ski's drag by around 50%


  • Deep Concave - Naturally creates stability while on edge and through your turns, balancing out the speed created by the clean edge technology.

Other Features:

  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin Block


  • Riding Ability: Intermediate
  • Ski Type: Cross-Over
  • Ski Speeds: 28-34Mph


  • (S / 63″) – Up to 68Kgs


  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

                Boot Features


                • Soft Flex
                • 110 Flex Index - HO's softer flexing model


                • Full Wrap Upper Cuff - Increased lateral support around the ankle as well as greater responsiveness
                • Stiff Composite Textile Shell - A reinforced outer shell that is designed to work with your foot on entry to make sure it stands the test of time
                • 15 Degrees Forward Lean - Putting your naturally over your front foot for increased power and performance in your skiing

                Liner & Lacing

                • SBR Closed Cell Foam Lining - Provides that traditional natural rubber feel with all the comforts of a modern boot
                • 6mm Thick Footbed - Contoured footbed provides and increased balance and comfort underfoot
                • Dual Zone Lacing


                • Traditional Plate System 

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