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2024 HO Element KB w/ Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

2024 HO Element KB w/ Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

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2024 HO Element KB w/ Powerlock Strap Kneeboard

Experience versatility and high performance with the 2024 HO Element KB w/ Powerlock Strap Kneeboard, now available at Welcome Board Store. This universal fiberglass kneeboard, a narrower version of the Joker, boasts a thinner profile, hard rail edge, and deep tracking channels, making it perfect for cutting, jumping, and transitioning front side or fakie. With an extra width under the knees, this classic ride practically launches off the wakes on its own. Get ready for exceptional comfort and easy adjustments with the PowerLock single-lock knee strap, providing a dynamic and thrilling water adventure for all skill levels.

HO's most universal fibreglass kneeboard is a slightly narrower version of the Joker. The thinner profile and hard rail edge make the Element perfect for cutting and jumping front side or fakie. Extra width under the knees makes this a board that practically jumps off the wakes on its own! This classic ride comes standard with the pilot seat pad and 3" single-locking strap.


• Symmetrical compression molded design
• Narrow profile wiht hard rails for deeper edge control and transitions
• Deep tracking channels for increased stability and landing
• Tri-density molded pad cushions tough landings
• PowerLock single-lock knee strap for great comfort & easy adjustment
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