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2024 Slingshot Highline Wakeboard V2 Wakeboard

2024 Slingshot Highline Wakeboard V2 Wakeboard

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2023 Slingshot Highline Wakeboard V2 Wakeboard

The Highline is an entirely new breed of cable board designed to deliver all the thrills you've come to expect from Slingshot at a more affordable price-point. This board features a simple wood core that is lively underfoot and easy to manipulate on obstacles, as well as Singleshot fusion sidewalls, Carbon Bedrock Inserts, and our trusty Ballistic Base to protect the core. The Highline is similar in design to the Windsor Pro model, yet simplified, to deliver a fast, fun, and free feeling ride throughout cableparks around the globe.


  • Simple Wood Core
  • Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls
  • Ballistic Base
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • Continuous Rocker Profile
  • Belly Channels
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