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2024 Ronix RXT R8 Floating Mainline

2024 Ronix RXT R8 Floating Mainline

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2024 Ronix RXT R8 Floating Mainline


We have an exclusive new aged Spectra fusion rope from ouråÊHolland Dyneema factory. TheseåÊfibers are 30% stronger andåÊlighter than your regular Dyneema or Spectra rope. After a 30-minute set your arms will thank you.


  • New Age Spectra Fusion - 30% Stronger!
  • Buoyant Technology ‰ÛÒ It Floats!
  • 16-Strand Spectra Fusion w/ 100% Dyneema Core
  • Abrasion Free, Snag Resistant Cover
  • 85ft Total Length Including Handle
  • One 45ft Section
  • Seven Total Take Off Sections
  • One ‰ÛÒ 10ft Take Off Section
  • Four ‰ÛÒ 5ft Take Off Sections
  • Two - 2.5ft Take Off Sections
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