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2015 Flux GL Snowboard Bindings

2015 Flux GL Snowboard Bindings

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Flexible but responsive bindings for the girls

The 2015 Flux GL snowboard bindings are a great bindings for all mountain freestyle women. Specially designed women's Ultima Highback which sits lower than the men's to prevent calf bite.

With a stiffer low half and the top being more flexible for good response but great tweakability! Also a new F.T.M. versa toe strap which is a very durable and strong toe strap which conforms to all boots perfectly. By utilising Urethane in their discs and highbacks, Flux have been able to create a binding that is soft and flexible, yet torsionally stiff from toe to heel. This means that you can use a binding that is super soft and gives you amazing freedom of movement, yet still allows you to power into and out of turn without the loss of power with great board feel. Urethane is also reasonably sustainable as it comes from recycled skate wheels, which is another reason why these bindings are super dope! Like all other Flux snowboard bindings, the GL bindings have been milled out nearly everywhere they can to dramatically reduce weight. This means that the GL snowboard bindings deliver a flex and feel that is hard to replicate and a performance like no other. Great new designed this season, don't miss out on a cool pair of bindings.
  • Women's Specific Ultima HighbackåÊ- Soft and responsive low highback to help prevent calf bite
  • Hybrid CushionåÊ- Dual density EVA on the highback to add stability and a ton of cushioning
  • Vouge BaseåÊ- Lightweight and responsive with padding for great absorption
  • Performance BlendåÊ- The most versatile construction in the Flux line, this layup will handle everything you can throw at it and last a lifetime!
  • Toolless LeveråÊ- Allows you to add forward lean to direct pressure more accurately to your boards edges from the chassis of the binding. This also allows the binding to flex more naturally
  • Ajustable Toe and Heel CushionåÊ- Can extend and retract the length of the baseplate toe and heel side to give a perfect fit for your boots and board
  • FTM Versa Toes StrapsåÊ- Stronger but softer moulded toe strap, one piece design that naturally wraps to the contours of your boot, thus increasing response and minimizing pressure points
  • F-Tech 3D Fit StrapåÊ- Three dimensional strap that eliminates pinch points and spreads pressure evenly across the top of your boot
  • L-Guide SystemåÊ- Guides your ladder straps into the buckles sweet spot
  • UU FitåÊ- This is the bit that attaches your straps to your chassis. Rather than just slotting in like other bindings, these straps are cradled in a 360 degree chassis of love to make them last longer and minimize pinch points
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile:åÊAll riders
  • Mountain Profile:åÊAll Mountain Freestyle
  • Flex:åÊSoft
  • Compatibility:åÊStandard 4 hole
  • Condition:åÊBrand New
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