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Channel Islands

Channel Islands Free Scrubber Surfboard - Cream

Channel Islands Free Scrubber Surfboard - Cream

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Channel Islands Free Scrubber Surfboard

This board has been discounts due to the white looking a little creamy. Board is brand new and ready for a good home at a good price. The creamy off white wont be notesable with a fresh wax. 

The twin finned namesake to Tom Curren’s surf edit, Free Scrubber, is a legacy design Tom created with Britt.  The board is a re-creation from the magic twin fins Tom remembers Al making him some 40 years ago.  Tom wanted to recapture the feeling of a low rocker, classic vee bottom design incorporating the traditional early 80’s winged swallow tail outline.  Updated with more refined rails and foil, the Free Scrubber is as fast and loose as the boards he remembers but with added drive and hold, and so is the perfect twin fin for surfers generally more oriented toward thrusters.  A spicy and quick surfboard designed to give you all the freedom of a twin while allowing you to go places on the wave you didn’t think possible. 

Ride the Free Scrubber 1" to 2" shorter than your Happy Everyday or 3" to 5" shorter than your Two Happy.

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