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2024 Ronix One Legacy with One Boots

2024 Ronix One Legacy with One Boots

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2024 Ronix One Legacy with One Boots
The Ronix One Timebomb, pro model of Danny Harf, the board that started it all and has developed over a decade worth of models, continues to produce more of what we have come to expect from the One range. With the help of Danny Harf, the One Timebomb was based around the idea of creating a board that rode smooth while still having plenty of pop when released off the top of the wake. Pushing the boundaries introduced an I-Beam internal construction, fibreglass weaved core, and Fuse polycarbonate stringers create even more strength and rigidity, giving more pop than ever. Designed to be thinner and with polyurethane sidewalls, the Ronix One Timebomb is not only faster across the top of the water but has less swing weight. Along with these features, Ronix boasts a highly developed base construction with a sintered base and reduced rocker line height, allowing the board to have one of the fastest and most responsive bases on the market. So if you're a rider who wants to truly develop your skills, ride faster, and go bigger, the Ronix One Timebomb will take you to the next level in wakeboarding.

The Ronix One Boot is Ronix's most well-known model, with almost all of Ronix's tech available; every year, this boot has a habit of turning heads. When the One boot went through its full redesign on Ronix's Brainframe boot system, the inside was designed around a medium-density Intuition Liner; the boot is seamless in design and offers one of the most customizable heat moldable liners in the industry. The interior of this boot is designed and shaped like you've had a foot massage and are walking home on marshmallows. With the superfabric lining and Pro S.O.L.E, you will have not just comfort but a performance boot that will boost you higher, land softer, and react faster. Support is also never an issue with feetbelts and ankle shields (sounds cool, right?), offering lock and hold to remove the chance of injury and durability in high wear places thanks to Flexform elastomer allowing for stretch in the most abused part of your boot.

Wakeboard Features

Rocker Line

  • 3-Stage Rocker - An abrupt 3-stage rocker is shaped with a later, more defined kick providing instant release, allowing not only explosive pop straight up but also plenty of carry. Be it behind a G23 or a smaller boat; this 3-stage will give you the kick you never knew you needed.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) - 10/10

Core Construction

  • Timebomb Construction - Ronix's most explosive and high energy core. Ever. The next 3 dot points explain why 👇
  • MOD Pour Foam - When you want strength to weight ratio, you use MOD Pour Foam; Ronix's special sauce of an alternative core is ultra-stiff, lightweight and ultra Ronix. (For the Timebomb, it is used through the outer edge of the board)
  • Aircore 3.0 - High-Quality Italian PVC, creates minimal swing weight while creating more contact and feel and packing a mean punch in the response department. (For the Timebomb, it is used through the centre of the board)
  • Fuse Stringers - polycarbonate stringers that run vertically through the board to create directional stiffness and create Ronix's most explosive pop to date


  • Speedwalls - Poured Urethane Sidewalls for greater top water speed


  • Monocoque Construction - An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top, so the flash line is switched out from the weakest point of the board to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding.
  • Magic Carpet - Ronix are always sourcing new fibreglass materials trying to find that perfect blend that allows the perfect amount of resin to seep thru and set to their Magic Carpet
  • I-Beam Construction - A second layer of internal fibreglass in the core of the board. It not only helps to make a bulletproof construction, but it also gives a snappier response and softer landings. Really who needs carbon anymore


  • Sintered Base - Less Friction means more glide speed and carry into the wake.
  • Tip/Tail Concave - gives a faster feel to the board and allows for a cleaner release off the wake.
  • Deep Recessed Fin Channels - direct more water through the fins, allowing for greater control and easier release off the wake.


  • 4x 1.0"  Fibreglass Ramp Fins & 4x 0.8" Utility Fins

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Advanced

Board Sizing

(134cm) - Up to 75Kgs

(138cm) -  Up to 82Kgs

(142cm) -  77Kgs and Up

(146cm) -  80Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

                Boot Features


                • Mid Flex


                • Double Last Design - A humanlike design for both the inner and outer shell, because unbelievably, you're human! So your boots should fit, remove any dead spacing and provide a superior hold.

                Liner & Lacing

                • Intuition Liners - Renowned in the Snowboard industry for its true fit and comfort, as well as its superior ability to heat mold for the ultimate fit
                • Smooth Skin Lining - Keeping your foot feeling like it's in a soap bath
                • Super fabric Tongue - Making sure you don't wear through the tongue of your boot with a lace since... some point
                • Flexform Heel & Ankle - A high-grade elastomer, yeah you've already stopped reading, haven't you? It's stretchy and super durable, so the parts of your boot that cop the most wear will last
                • Pro S.O.L.E - Imagine your favourite sneaker that you wear everywhere. Now imagine that you could bolt it to your wakeboard. That is was Pro S.O.L.E is, providing a boot that reacts faster, boosts higher, and lands softer.
                • Feetbelts - Bars that wrap around your ankle to lock your foot down in the boot and keeping you safe from torn ligaments and busted knees
                • Dual Lacing System


                • Brainframe Technology - A magical concoction of performance for your feet, providing a mixture of true fit to size, support, and feel so you can have a superior ride every time.
                • Magnesium Lock Beams - It doesn't get much stronger; magnesium can handle the extremes of the weather and keep your riding fresh

                Additional Features

                • 3D Molded Toe Caps
                • Ankle Shields - Reinforce the liner of the boot for less wear over time


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