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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Plush 6R Wakeboard Bindings

2024 Liquid Force Plush 6R Wakeboard Bindings

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2024 Liquid Force Plush 6R Wakeboard Bindings

Experience comfort and versatility on the water with the 2024 Liquid Force Plush 6R Wakeboard Bindings. These bindings are designed to cater to riders of all levels, focusing on user-friendly comfort and adaptability. Featuring Liquid Force's R6 chassis and a molded EVA footbed, they seamlessly blend comfort with performance. The comfort liner and cuff stretch zone ensure a snug yet flexible fit. With a soft flex and a wide fit, these bindings are suitable for various riders. The Impact EVA Dampening Base Pad softens landings and reduces jarring sensations. Backed by Liquid Force's 1-year manufacturer warranty, the Plush 6R bindings offer comfort and versatility in every ride, available at Welcome Board Store!

The Liquid Force Plush is their most versatile binding and one of the most multipurpose boots in the industry. With a philosophy steeped solely in comfort and versatility to create a user-friendly binding for almost anyone. Coming with Liquid Force's R6 chassis, it works with the molded EVA footbed to seamlessly combine the comfort aspect of the boot with the response and performance you want from your boots. Combine these features with Liquid Forces comfort liner and cuff stretch zone, which will allow for plenty of comfort in your boot while still retaining a comfortable flex.


  • Soft Flex


  • Wide Fit
  • Top Cuff Stretch Zone - Provides a flex point for your boot to naturally pivot off without reducing support.
  • Impact EVA Dampening Base Pad - Softening those landings and reducing the jarring feeling up through your legs.

Liner & Lacing

  • Comfort Liner - Liquid Force's signature designed entry-level open-toe liner, making sure your first ride to your last ride is wrapped in maximum comfort
  • EVA 3D Molded Footbed - Maximum comfort under your foot that will shape to your foot over time for a perfect fit


  • R6 Chassis - Liquid Force's open-toe chassis develops an increased level of performance and combines it with plenty of comfort underfoot.


    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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