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2024 Hyperlite Rusty Pro w/ Team X Boots

2024 Hyperlite Rusty Pro w/ Team X Boots

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2024 Hyperlite Rusty Pro w/ Team X Boots

The Hyperlite Rusty Pro is the modern Rusty Malinoski board, keeping all the hard-charging explosiveness that has come before, but now with new features to make riding that bit easier. A staple of the Rusty models has always been abrupt continuous rockers, and this hasn't changed. You still get that fast-paced, explosive pop and carry you have grown to know from the Rusty range over the years but with a mellower overall feel. Underneath this board feels part performance machine, part weekend driver. This new base design increases your grip and holds on the water with 2 huge tip-to-tail channels and a full-length cupped rail but helps soften out otherwise heavy landings. Combine this with a unique progressive edge bevel, and you have that classic Rusty feel with smoother, more user-friendly touches.

The Hyperlite Team X boot is the next evolution of the classic Team binding, rebuilt with the help of Shaun Murray around an all-new last for an even better, more supportive fit. Integrated with the 3 part construction the Team X truly takes the next step. An insole provides your comfort and arch support underfoot. The midsole keeps the boot strong through thick and thin, helping the boot hold its structure despite the impact. The Outsole is the final piece, bringing it all together with its stiffness and functionality, allowing for maximum traction underneath the boo. Shaped around a slimmer, more fitted construction, the Team X is even easier on entry while maintaining a comfortable and fitted design without sacrificing any of its supportive factors.

Wakeboard Features

Rocker Line

  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker – When you want that late rampy boost off the wake, an abrupt continuous rocker provides. With its late pulled curve, it won't only release that stored energy late but also allow the board to continue carrying speed.

    Board Flex

    • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 8/10

    Core Construction

    • Biolite 3 – The core you want under your feet, from beginner to pro. Biolite 3 PU foam is wrapped in fibreglass for an added strength to handle punishment but is lighter and more durable than anything in wakeboard history. Welcome to Hyperlite’s nuclear deterrent


    • Progressive Edge Bevel – Rounded across the top of the board and raised in the base rail to give you a unique smooth but hard-charging edge experience.


    • Monocoque Construction – An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top, so the flash line is switched out from the weakest point of the board to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding.
    • Layered Glass – Make sure your board doesn’t soften over the years; layered fibreglass will help keep you poppin’.


    • Full-Length Cupped Rail - Acts like a suction cup for your edge to give you a superior hold on edge to maximise your pressure into the wake and provide you with the maximum pop.
    • Dual Tip to Tail Channel -  provide direction and water flow underneath your board, so all you have to do is point, and the board will do the rest.
    • Molded Landing Feature - This is exactly what it sounds like, disrupts water for softer landings on a stiff board.


    • 4x 0.7" SS Beam Fins

    Rider Level

    • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

    Board Sizing

    (140cm) – Up to 89Kgs

    (143cm) –  74Kgs and Up

    (146cm) –  77Kgs and Up


    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

                Boot Features


                • Mid Flex


                • 3-Part Construction
                  • Insole: Comfort & Arch Support
                  • Midsole: Impact Resistance
                  • Outsole: Traction Durability

                Liner & Lacing

                • Heat Moldable Pro Liner - Allowing you to customize your boots to your feet for a superior fit.
                • Internal Upper Support - Ensure that your ankle is locked and secure, so you don't end up with any unwanted injuries.
                • Injected EVA Outsole - Supportive and lock underneath your foot for maximum performance.
                • Integrated Ankle Harness - Pulling firm around your ankle for plenty of support.
                • Dual Lace Zones - Because laces work.
                • HyperCush Insole - Look at that name! Hypercush, I don't know about you, but damn that sounds comfy.


                • 6” Universal Mounting Spread
                • Fusion Plate System
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