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2024 HO Hovercraft BWF Slalom Ski

2024 HO Hovercraft BWF Slalom Ski

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2024 HO Hovercraft BWF Slalom Ski

Rise Above

SIZES: M (UP TO 175 LBS.) / L (150 TO 225 LBS.) SPEED: UP TO 25 MPH

Elevate your slalom skiing experience with the 2024 HO Hovercraft BWF Slalom Ski, now available at Welcome Board Store. Whether you're a learner or an advanced rider, this ski offers thrilling performance akin to a surfboard. Its Widetrack Frame guarantees a stable platform for effortless deep water starts, while the Swallow Tail Tri-Fin provides surf-style control for easy turning without intricate edge mastery. With Flexbody Construction, enjoy a lightweight, high-flex design that empowers you to steer from the tail or execute dynamic maneuvers.

Key Features

  • Great for learning and super fun for advanced --- rips like a surfboard!
  • Widetrack Frame - Extra stable platform for easy deep water starts.
  • Swallow Tail Tri-Fin for Surf Style Control: Very easy to turn without having to master edge control.
  • Flexbody Construction: Lightweight high-flex build, allows skiers to either steer from the tail or dynamically maneuver
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